Rule & Regulation

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Rule & Regulation

  • Trainees should come to the institution on time. No trainee is allowed to enter the institution late or to leave the institution premises earlier.
  • Trainees who is sick or unwell, is allowed to leave the class after submitting application duly signed by principal or superintendent
  • Absence without leave application is not permissible. Trainee should produce reasons behind being absent.
  • Using mobile phones within the institutional premises is not permitted. Trainees caught using mobile phones during the class hours are liable to be punished by the instructor.
  • Each & every student should bring their ID card, diary, books and bag everyday. Students failing to do so are liable to Rs.10 fine. Appropriate fines will be levied on the students who lose any of the mandatory items mentioned above.
  • Attendance of the trainee should not be less than 80%. Trainees below mandatory attendance percentage are not allowed to appear for AITTE examinations.
  • The management expects trainee to take good care of the institutional properties. Administrator has rights to fine an individual who damages the property intentionally.
  • Trainees who do not obey the institutional discipline will be expelled from the institution.
  • It is mandatory for trainees to appear in internal examination (by institute) including monthly, quarterly and semester test. Trainees will not be allowed to fill the forms for the final AITTE exams held by DGET (Government of India), if they fail to appear in any of the internal examinations.
  • Admission fee is non-refundable.
  • Library is available for the trainees. Issues books should be returned on time before every semester.
  • All the original certificates, submitted at the time of admission, will be returned after verification. Trainees submitting false, wrong, fake or forged documents will be dismissed immediately and legal action (FIR) will be taken against them.
  • Caste certificates issued by DM, SDO or BDO are acceptable with RTPS verification.
  • Bicycle/Motorcycle must be locked and parked in queue at Bicycle/Motorcycle parking area. Institute will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Trainees are strictly prohibited to bring any harmful substance or material to the institute.
  • It is mandatory to follow the rules and regulations declared by the principal of the institution. Trainees are expected to sort out their problems by discussing them with the principal.


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